Enzler Reinigungen

Enzler uses soobr for demand-oriented cleaning at DSM's headquarters in Kaiseraugst.

Kaspar Adank
February 4, 2022
Success Stories


  • Cost pressure in the cleaning industry is high
  • So far static allocation of the contractually agreed performance to the employees
  • The pandemic increases the need for more flexible service models
  • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery


  • Soobr for adaptable execution of cleaning and for ensuring consistently high quality


  • Better plannability and optimised benefit allocation
  • Ensuring that all defined work is carried out and documented
  • Substitutes can be organised at the touch of a button

13 % annual savings on 12'735 m2. Payback on rollout in 1.2 years!

"The solution approach of soobr in the area of digital cleaning planning is unique for us. In addition, we have confidence in the company and their employees."
- Peter Helbling, CEO Enzler Reinigungen AG