Sodexo SA

Sodexo uses soobr to make its facility services more flexible and to adapt to new circumstances

June 7, 2022
Success Stories


  • High price pressure in the cleaning industry
  • High demand for transparency
  • Pandemic increases the importance of cleaning
  • Higher demands on employees


  • Soobr masters the challenges through needs-optimised planning and creates transparency in execution


  • Customers get more transparency
  • A more varied range of tasks leads to satisfied employees
  • Flexibility through integration of sensor data
  • Cost savings through targeted use of resources and consideration of building utilisation

10 % annual savings on 10,694 m2.

Payback on rollout in 0.4 years!

"At the beginning it was a big change, but now every employee has learned to use the tablets and enjoy the functionalities"
- Laura Julen, Regional Director, Head of Innovation, Member of the Management Board Sodexo SA