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Soobr Smart Cleaning.
In the right place at the right time.

Soobr offers optimized and demand-oriented planning, execution and control of cleaning areas based on data and artificial intelligence.

Soobr wins Purus Award

We are very pleased to have won the coveted Purus Innovation Award in the category "Digital Tools and Systems". This award represents our daily work and is so far the greatest recognition of our commitment to innovative solutions in the field of commercial cleaning. Together with our customers and partners, we will continue to shape the future of the commercial cleaning industry and ensure a clean, efficient and sustainable environment.

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Soobr & Paul Schulten GmbH


Soobr is the efficient solution for smart building cleaning

Often, building cleaning is not organised flexibly because it is based on schematic scheduling. This often leads to unnecessary work. With Soobr's Smart Cleaning Platform, you clean on demand, ensure hygienically clean workplaces, react to fluctuations in building occupancy and trigger on-demand jobs. 

Performance documentation
Sustainable use of resources
Intelligent and automated route planning
Digital bill of quantities
Dynamic complete solution
Cost savings
Our software

Cleaning in the right place at the right time. To reduce costs, improve quality and create transparency.

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"Rigid cleaning schedules on paper are no longer in keeping with the times. Smart Cleaning means optimised and dynamic planning and execution of cleaning. For more efficiency and transparency.

Kaspar Adank
CEO, Soobr AG
Companies that trust us

I think Soobr is really good: thanks to the app, I always have an overview of the work that has been done. My employees also appreciate the app - not only because of the many language options, but also because it makes documentation easier for them. After all, it's much easier to handle on a cell phone than on paper. The greater transparency also means that there is much less need for discussion for both customers and employees.

Marina Peric
Operations Manager Solothurn Branch
Honegger AG

Soobr enables us to deploy resources in maintenance cleaning according to demand. A solution that is perceived as support by our cleaning staff and creates transparent, trust-based customer relationships.

Philippe Voyame
Business & Digital Excellence Director
Vebego (CH)

Soobr strengthens the perception of our company as an innovative and modern cleaning service provider. The product helps us to react quickly to changes and ensure the required quality.

Viktoria Ecklebe
Head of Innovation and Quality
@Gegenbauer Services (GER)

Soobr creates a transparent and fair basis between service provider and customer, and the most important part is happy about that: our cleaners!

Kevin Dürr
Property Manager
Gegenbauer Holding SE & Co. KG

Soobr provides the perfect support for our operational managers and cleaning staff. The combination of technology and human interaction leads to efficiency gains in daily work.

Peter van Vliet
Operational Manager
Hago Next (NED)

Soobr ensures, through demand-oriented cleaning, the quality of the agreed services and prevents over-performance of the work.

René Conzelmann
Facility Manager
AMAG Import AG

Acceptance among the cleaning staff is very high and the use of the tablets is absolutely no problem due to the ease of use of the system.

Richard Birrer
Head of Facility Management
Department of Justice and Security Canton Basel-Stadt

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