We are constantly working to create innovative and exciting features for you.
The most important functionalities at a glance:

Automated precinct planning

Intelligent and automated precinct planning for optimal utilisation of cleaning tours. Dynamic and sensor-based frequencies replace rigid cleaning intervals.

Digital work tasks

The daily updated work instructions according to the service specifications are displayed to the cleaning staff on mobile devices. In an intuitive front end in the respective native language and with pictograms.

Dynamic quality management

Quality control tours are automatically generated by the system to evaluate effectively cleaned areas. Feedback can be provided using a comment field and images can be uploaded.

Time recording

The time recording of your cleaning staff can be recorded directly in the Soobr app, managed in the cockpit and then exported.

Defect message

Defects can be reported directly from the Soobr app using a pictogram or free text to the building maintenance or a ticketing system.

Floor plans

In addition to the list view, the areas to be cleaned are visualised on all terminals with a floor plan. To make this even clearer, individual surface types can be differentiated by colour.

Data analysis

The data analysis offers detailed insights into the performance documentation. Dashboards enable target/actual comparisons of cleaning services or utilisation and area analyses.

Inclusion of sensor data

Sensor data can be used to take into account the effective building load and thus determine the actual cleaning effort.

Deputy function

If a cleaner is unavailable, a stored substitute can be activated. The most important cleaning tasks of the day are transferred to the substitute tours.


The Soobr cockpit is available in five languages and the app is available in over 25 languages.


The Soobr app can only be opened in the object on site, sensitive data can thus not be used outside the site.

Chat function

The Soobr app offers a chat function as a communication channel for operational managers.

Order Management

Orders can now also be created and prioritized in advance. For example, you can order cleaning of event rooms in advance.

Tour Groups

You can now create tour groups independently and decide which cleaner only sees their tour on the tablet and which cleaners update each other's tours.

Widget Settings

The view of the dashboard can be redesigned by yourself. Open or sloping surfaces, the total duration of all tours or the number of clippings – decide what information you want to see at first glance.

QR tag

The QR tag makes it possible to display information of an area directly by scanning the tag. For example, it replaces the sheet with the list of the last cleanings in the toilets, or provides information about the last cleaning of important office premises.

Soobr demo

Download the Soobr demo for free now and see for yourself!