Implementation with a proven, standardized process


Data collection

Recording the performance and building data in the web application



Cleaning tours are planned with the help of artificial intelligence in the Soobr cockpit



The cleaning staff carries out the daily scheduled tasks using the tablet or smartphone in the Soobr app



Data evaluation and reporting as well as execution of operational management tasks in the Soobr cockpit

Frequently asked questions

Is Soobr only useful in office spaces?

No. The Soobr solution is already in use today not only in office spaces in administrative buildings, but also in hospitals, retail outlets and industrial and production facilities. We would be happy to discuss the details with you.

Which documents and in which formats must these be provided?

For the setup, we need the bill of quantities and the room book as an Excel file, the floor plans as a PDF or DWG file.

What about the acceptance of the app among the cleaning staff?

The Soobr app is simple and logical so that cleaners can use it intuitively. In addition, they are trained to use it on site so that using the app on tablets or smartphones is no longer a major challenge. The new work tools are perceived as an upgrade of the job and are quickly integrated into the daily routine.

Is Soobr also suitable for small properties?

Soobr has different modules and application possibilities. It can therefore be used in all properties. Soobr is a holistic solution and is suitable for the entire real estate portfolio or for mandates in properties of different sizes.

Is the data processed in compliance with the GDPR?

Both Swiss and European data protection laws apply to the processing of the data. Data storage takes place in the Google Cloud data centre in Zurich (CH).

Do I need building plans to use Soobr?

No, to ensure intelligent and automated precinct planning, all that is needed is a service specification and a room book.

Can I also rent managed tablets?

Yes, if you want to do without your own hardware, you can obtain managed tablets from Soobr as required. The tablet holder, Samsung-Knox and the configuration of the app are part of the rental.

We already measure occupancy data, can Soobr integrate these?

Yes, we can retrieve occupancy data from all conventional platforms via an API. There are no limits here; we obtain the data from CAFM applications, ERP systems and smart dispenser solutions.

Is it possible to obtain the processed cleaning data?

Yes, the cleaning data can be transmitted to systems via an interface, so they are available for further use.

How long does the setup take?

The duration of the setup depends on the respective object. It can take from 2 days to 5 weeks. Complex cleaning programmes with integration of occupancy data require approx. 4 to 5 weeks.

Is the software available in several languages?

Yes, the software is available in more than ten languages.

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