Intelligent cleaning made easy

Thanks to Soobr, knowing where and when to clean has never been easier. Soobr plans perfect, automated cleaning tours with the help of artificial intelligence. Cleaning only takes place where it is really necessary.

Complete solution for daily optimised maintenance cleaning
Optimally utilised cleaning tours through intelligent and automated territory planning
Dynamic and sensor-based frequencies instead of rigid cleaning intervals

Cost saving

  • Dynamic and demand-oriented planning
  • Substitution control at the touch of a button
  • Efficient use of resources


  • Changes of use and ad-hoc tasks
  • Substitution control at the touch of a button
  • Dynamic and sensor-based frequencies


Evidence-based quality management based on effectively cleaned surfaces.


Our support team is available to you at all times as a competent contact partner, both during and after the implementation phase.

It's that simple

We replace Excel with an intelligent, standardized web application and paper-based cleaning schedules with dynamic schedules on tablets.

1. data acquisition
Recording the performance and building data in the web application
2. planning
Cleaning areas are planned using artificial intelligence in the Soobr cockpit
3. execution
The cleaning staff carries out the daily scheduled tasks using the tablet or smartphone in the Soobr app
4. dashboard
Data evaluation and reporting as well as execution of operational management tasks in the Soobr cockpit

Our scheme for your barrier-free data flow

Download scheme as PDF

Soobr Cockpit

The entire planning of the cleaning tours takes place in the web application. Using existing service specifications, building and sensor data, the actual cleaning requirements are determined automatically. The result: perfectly planned tours with minimal effort. Paper-based cleaning tours and time-consuming planning are no longer necessary with the Soobr complete solution. All work carried out can be tracked in real time in the dashboard. For optimised cleaning of the entire portfolio!

All features

Soobr App

The Soobr app works on all mobile devices. It combines all relevant information for the cleaning staff. The app itself is simple and intuitive, without frills and therefore easy to use. Via the user interface, staff give feedback and add documentation as needed. The result is an enormous increase in efficiency and the customer saves time and, above all, money.

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