Complete solution for daily optimized cleaning

With Soobr, you can master your facility management challenges efficiently:

Lack of transparency

100% transparency of service delivery through evaluation of cleaned areas thanks to quality management, dashboards and reporting.

Flexibility for customer requirements

Fast adjustments thanks to changes to rotas or room groups in the cockpit as well as on-demand orders directly to the cleaning staff at the push of a button.

Personnel scheduling

Reassignment and allocation of new cleaning districts leads to additional work. Thanks to a digital service specification with digital cleaning orders, the services are clearly defined. The clear visual representation of the rooms to be cleaned leads to a reduced training effort and to a high flexibility when reassigning personnel.

Utilization of the operational level

This can be counteracted by an automatic substitution system that is independent of location and time. In addition, media disruptions can be prevented by continuous digital communication of, for example, defect reports directly from the cleaning staff to the technical department.

Companies that trust us

Increases customer satisfaction

Smooth operation across the portfolio
Fewer complaints
Prevent tenders

Creates transparency

Dashboards and data analysis
Documentation for customers (reporting)

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Time savings in the calculation and implementation of buildings thanks to dashboards, automated district and route planning as well as templates and benchmarks.

Cost saving

  • Dynamic and demand-oriented planning
  • Substitution control at the touch of a button
  • Efficient use of resources


  • Changes of use and ad-hoc tasks
  • Substitution control at the touch of a button
  • Dynamic and sensor-based frequencies


Evidence-based quality management based on effectively cleaned surfaces.


Our support team is available to you at all times as a competent contact partner, both during and after the implementation phase.