With soobr, you can efficiently master your maintenance cleaning challenge:

Time-consuming preparation of tender documents

Thanks to Soobr, you save time by means of a digital tendering process, and you can also increase the tendering cycle as required. In addition, comparisons between providers are easily visible and comparable.

High implementation costs when changing providers

Fast implementation due to digitally set up business unit and reduced implementation costs as well as training time when changing providers

Overfulfillment of the service provision

No over-fulfillment by adapting maintenance cleaning to building utilization. Demand-oriented cleaning leads to cost savings and reduction of C02 consumption.

Lack of transparency, management and control

Control of the cleaning service provider thanks to quality management and dashboards. High employee satisfaction thanks to guaranteeing high standards of hygiene in the workplace.

Cost savings

Cost reduction through demand-oriented cleaning and adapted contract models
Standardization and time savings in procurement

Quality and sustainability

Flexibility in the event of changes in building use
Quality management for control
Reduction of CO2 consumption


Digital proof of performance
Target/actual comparison of cleaning performance by means of frequency and area analyses
Internal benchmarking across buildings and countries

Soobr can seamlessly connect you to a wide range of interfaces, including CAFM software, IoT platforms and more. If you need a specific integration that is not part of our current offering, we are ready to custom develop it for you. Soobr is already compatible with the following systems:


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