Sustainable building cleaning through Smart Cleaning

November 17, 2023

Sustainability is a fundamental area of today's world, because the earth's resources are finite. Sustainable development (keyword ESG - environment, social and corporate governance) is also an urgent topic for industry and business and brings many implementation possibilities and advantages for companies.

We at Soobr have asked ourselves the question: How can sustainability also succeed in commercial cleaning? This question drives us, because we want to contribute to sustainable development. Cleaning buildings with rigid paper lists is confusing and can lead to additional costs due to the extra consumption of resources and unnecessary extra work for the cleaning staff.

In order to protect the environment, to work in a demand-oriented and resource-saving manner, and to create an appreciative and fair working environment in the cleaning industry, we have developed the app Soobr. With it, we have succeeded in making the leap into the digitalization of commercial cleaning. Significant added value for companies can be seen in many potential savings and in the clarity and transparency of work areas and processes.

In this article you will learn:

- What is sustainability?

- Innovation in cleaning with Soobr

- Advantages of Smart Cleaning

What is sustainability and why is it important?

In building cleaning, sustainable management is an all-encompassing and multi-layered process, as various components have to be considered. The three pillars of sustainability should be covered as equally as possible so that sustainable development is guaranteed.

The three pillars of sustainability are:

- Social

- Environment

- Economy

According to the Brundtland Report of the World Commission, sustainability is defined as follows: Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Benefits of Smart Cleaning in terms of sustainability:

The leap into digitalization has put building cleaning on a sustainable course. With our innovative smart cleaning app Soobr, we were able to optimize various cleaning processes and make them more sustainable.

This brings many advantages for real estate owners:

In the social sector, a recovery in staffing levels is evident throughout the industry, as cleaners feel more valued. Their work has become clearer and more transparent. Additional work due to cleaning unused areas is eliminated. There is little training required, as cleaning staff can intuitively view and navigate assignments and building maps in the app. In addition, Soobr is visually appealing and available in many languages.

The Business sector benefits from versatile cost savings through Smart Cleaning. Due to the demand-based cleaning, which takes into account the actual use of space, the cleaning volume could be reduced by 13%. The improved plannability and the low training effort due to the self-explanatory display of the app are further economic advantages of Smart Cleaning.

The environment area in the sustainability triad also gains from the demand-oriented cleaning system. Unnecessary additional work and the associated additional costs due to personnel deployment and material usage are eliminated. Environment in the sustainability triad also gains from the demand-oriented cleaning system. Unnecessary additional work and the associated additional costs due to the use of personnel and materials are eliminated.

Other plus points: Saving water, cleaning agents and energy.

Conclusion: Smart Cleaning contributes to sustainable building cleaning

Building cleaning through Smart Cleaning is multi-faceted and brings with it many potential savings and benefits. Soobr makes cleaning work gentler, clearer and more efficient for companies and human resources - and thus more sustainable. Sustainability is therefore firmly anchored in our corporate culture.

And clearly shows: The future of sustainable building cleaning is digital.