Smart cleaning of infrastructure in the education sector

November 17, 2023

Traditional building cleaning processes of large properties - especially in education - still suffer from rigid schedules and inefficient use of resources. Soobr enables flexible and on-demand cleaning, ensuring hygienically clean workplaces, responding to fluctuations in building occupancy, and triggering on-demand jobs so that building owners can focus fully on the work at hand.

Soobr as a perfect solution for universities and technical colleges

Educational institutions have to deal with constantly changing conditions due to timetables and semester schedules. Clearance work and its planning can prove to be a great challenge in such an environment. Flexibility is therefore essential in order to ensure efficient maintenance of the premises at all times.

Soobr optimizes the cleaning process in universities and technical colleges and ensures that cleaning work is carried out efficiently and in a time-saving manner. Communication and coordination between employees is improved, resulting in higher productivity. At the same time, it ensures that cleaning tasks are completed thoroughly and effectively to ensure a clean and hygienic environment for students and staff.

This is how challenges of conventional building cleaning can be solved with Soobr

A traditional cleaning process is basically effective, but not efficient. The building is mostly clean at the end of the day, but this is usually not done with an optimal use of resources. Due to schematic scheduling, specialists are inflexibly involved and there is hardly any possibility to make spontaneous changes. Another challenge is the lack of transparency vis-à-vis building owners or tenants, since no data suitable for detailed and transparent reporting is collected during cleaning. The following hurdles remain entrenched in traditional building cleaning:

Increasing workload at the operational level: This can be effectively countered by implementing an automatic deputization system that is independent of both location and time.

Personnel scheduling: The reassignment and assignment of new cleaning precincts cause additional work. A digital service specification with digital cleaning orders enables a clear definition of the services to be performed. With the help of visual representations of the rooms to be cleaned, the training effort is reduced and flexibility is increased when reassigning personnel.

Lack of transparency: The implementation of a comprehensive quality management system, supplemented by meaningful dashboards and detailed reporting, ensures complete transparency in the evaluation of the cleaning services provided. Potential for improvement can thus be actively identified and addressed.

Presentation of the Smart Cleaning Platform from Soobr

Flexible and efficient organization of building cleaning is crucial to optimally meet daily cleaning needs. As mentioned in the previous section, conventional building cleaning is based on rigid scheduling that leaves little room for adjustments. This can lead to undesirable under- but also over-performance of work. Soobr offers a smart solution to this. With Soobr, cleaning can be performed on an as-needed basis, making work more efficient and conserving resources. Instead of cleaning at predefined times and locations, Soobr responds to actual cleaning needs, optimizing workflows. This leads to time and cost savings, as only the necessary cleaning work is carried out.

The platform consists of two main systems that communicate with each other: the Soobr Cockpit and the Soobr App.

The planning of the cleaning areas takes place entirely via the web application (Soobr Cockpit). Based on your individual service specifications, building information and, if desired, sensor data, the actual cleaning requirements are determined automatically. The result is well thought-out precinct planning with minimal effort. The tedious organization of paper-based cleaning precincts and time-consuming planning are a thing of the past, thanks to the comprehensive Soobr all-in-one solution. All work performed can be tracked in real time via the dashboard to ensure optimized cleaning of the entire portfolio.

The Soobr app is available on all mobile devices and provides cleaning staff with all relevant information in one place. The app is characterized by its simple and intuitive user interface, without unnecessary bells and whistles, which makes it easy to use. Through the user interface, staff can provide feedback and add documentation as needed. This leads to a significant increase in efficiency and allows the customer to save not only time, but also money.

Within the platform, features are integrated that either evaluate data and provide corresponding analyses in the backend, or facilitate the work of personnel in the frontend:

  • Automated precinct planning: Intelligent and automated precinct planning enables optimum utilization of precincts. Instead of rigid cleaning intervals, dynamic and/or sensor-based frequencies are used.
  • Digital work tasks: With Soobr, digital work tasks can be created and assigned to cleaners. This enables clear and transparent communication of upcoming tasks and facilitates real-time monitoring of progress.
  • Dynamic quality management: Soobr enables dynamic quality management, where cleaners, property managers and customers have the opportunity to document and evaluate their work.
  • Time recording: Soobr's time recording function allows the working hours of cleaning staff to be recorded precisely
  • Defect reporting: With Soobr, defect reports can be transmitted directly from the cleaning staff to the technical service. This means that problems and defects are quickly identified and can be rectified immediately.
  • Floor plans: Soobr enables the integration of floor plans on which the individual cleaning areas are marked. This makes it easier for cleaning staff to find their way around on site and shortens the training period for new employees.
  • Data analysis: Soobr enables a data- and fact-based evaluation of the cleaning processes. The insights gained can be used to optimize cleaning processes and contribute to a continuous improvement in service quality.
  • Inclusion of sensor and IoT data: Soobr can incorporate a variety of data into the cleaning process. For example, sensors can measure the utilization of rooms and thus enable demand-oriented cleaning. The integration of smart dispenser or waste disposal systems represent further use cases that lead to a more sustainable use of resources.
  • Substitute function: Soobr offers an automatic substitution rule, which can be activated at the push of a button. This eliminates the need for time-consuming rescheduling by property management and ensures that tasks with a high priority are assigned to a deputy.
  • Translations: Soobr offers an integrated translation function. The app is available in over 35 languages, overcoming language barriers and simplifying daily work for everyone involved.
  • Geo-Fencing: The Soobr app is limited to the location of the object and does not allow the use of sensitive data outside the location.
  • Chat function: In the Soobr app, a chat function is available to operational managers as a communication channel, which has a variety of languages to choose from.

Future outlook: The further development of smart cleaning

In the world of smart cleaning, the future will be characterized by increasingly advanced technologies and data-driven approaches. Automation, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things will play a central role in making cleaning processes more efficient, environmentally friendly and thorough.

Robots and autonomous cleaning systems are increasingly being used to clean rooms autonomously while avoiding obstacles, but the industry will continue to rely on humans and thus be labor-intensive. As a result, the combination of human and artificial intelligence remains essential.


With the Smart Cleaning platform, Soobr offers an efficient solution to the problems of conventional building cleaning. Through on-demand cleaning, optimized workflows and transparent communication, resources are used efficiently and cleaning quality is improved. Soobr plays a particularly important role in education, reducing response time to cleaning needs and ensuring a clean and hygienic environment. The platform has the potential to revolutionize the cleaning industry and establish more efficient cleaning processes.