Dosim AG & Soobr / Interview with Christian Schwarz, Director, Basel branch

DOSIM AG uses Soobr for optimized cleaning at its customer GETEC PARK.SWISS. The Smart Cleaning platform is used for the planning, execution and control of cleaning tours. We were able to talk to Christian Schwarz, Director Basel Branch, about his experiences with Soobr.

What are your challenges at Getec Park as a cleaning service provider?

Ongoing changes (30 - 50 mutations /month) of the periodic cleanings due to room changes on the part of GETEC and/or re-letting of the third party companies in the buildings. This has an impact on the planning of operations and invoicing.

Why did you decide to use Soobr? Where do you see the greatest potential in using Soobr?‍

  • As an employer, we get the assurance that the cleanings take place effectively. The overview of the service provided (also visible to the customer) promotes transparency and trust.
  • Relief for the back office thanks to faster troubleshooting and generally more flexibility for adjustments in route planning.
  • Improving the division of labor leads to more fairness between cleaners
  • Faster response time to defects possible‍

Briefly describe your vision around the cleaning ecosystem - for example, how should interfaces between systems interact to achieve efficiency gains?

Interfaces contribute to the networking and integrative collaboration of all stakeholders with the aim of increasing sustainability, effectiveness and quality. In my opinion, a digital ecosystem would be a timely development in which secure systems act with real-time information and thus "hidden" information in data becomes visible through data analysis. In this way, new business ideas can be implemented more quickly and precisely fitting solutions for customers can be identified.

What should other industrial parks look for when implementing a smart cleaning strategy?

  • Determination of the benefit => Determination of the resource efficiency potential
  • Clarify special challenges in advance and observe them during implementation - Priority list
  • Create a seamless basis to avoid subsequent errors
Christian Schwarz, Director Basel Branch