Enzler Reinigungen & Soobr / Interview with Peter Helbling, CEO

Enzler Reinigungen AG uses demand-oriented cleaning with Soobr at its customer DSM Nutritional Products in Kaiseraugst. The Soobr smart cleaning platform is used for planning and executing cleaning tours.


  • Cost pressure in the cleaning industry is high
  • So far static allocation of the contractually agreed performance to the employees
  • The pandemic increases the need for more flexible service models
  • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery


  • Soobr for adaptable execution of cleaning and for ensuring consistently high quality


  • Better plannability and optimised benefit allocation
  • Ensuring that all defined work is carried out and documented
  • Substitutes can be organised at the touch of a button

13 % annual savings on 12'735 m2. Payback on rollout in 1.2 years!

We were able to talk to Peter Helbling, Managing Director at Enzler Reinigungen AG, about his experiences with Soobr.

What trends do you see in the cleaning market?

Cost pressure in the cleaning industry remains high. In the last 20 years, wages have risen 2.5 times more than the cleaning prices for the customer. In the pandemic, the need for more flexible service models has also grown. As a company, we need to address these challenges and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our service delivery. Therefore, topics such as robotics, sensor technology and digitalisation are important issues for us.

What challenges does the Enzler company face in maintenance cleaning?

We see the challenge above all in the recruitment of our employees. The modern cleaning organisation with robotics, digitalisation, hygiene concepts and sustainability issues places higher demands on the qualifications of the employees. We have to present our industry even better and make the work in cleaning attractive.

What are your strategic directions within the company to meet these challenges?

We want to be the leading provider of high-quality services in the field of hygiene and cleaning. To achieve this, we focus on investment in training, know-how and sustainability.

Why did you choose soobr?

The solution approach of soobr in the area of digital cleaning planning is unique for us. We also have trust in the company and its employees.

What's new about soobr?

Until now, the allocation of contractually agreed services to employees was static. Soobr calculates the best service allocation and ensures that all defined work is carried out and documented.

With CBRE, a major player from the real estate sector is involved in the project. What are the general expectations of soobr and which KPIs are the focus?

In addition to a competitive price/performance offer, CBRE expects quality, flexibility, reliability and constant innovation from us.

How has soobr made your everyday life easier/better?

Soobr brings better plannability to the object organisation. Substitutes can be organised at the touch of a button. The cleaning quality in the facility remains constant.

How is the acceptance of the cleaners?

Surprisingly well. Our employees operate the tablets very confidently and get the required information precisely from the software.

What do you have to bear in mind for a project or a possible rollout with soobr?

An internal project team, adapted to the size of the object, must plan the implementation carefully and prepare and train the staff well. The staff must know the purpose of the tablets.

We would like to thank Peter Helbling for his answers and wish him and the entire team at Enzler Reinigungen AG continued success with Soobr.

Peter Helbling, CEO Enzler Reinigungen AG