Honegger & Soobr / Smart Cleaning - Digitalization taken to the next level

‍SmartCleaning for BSV Bern

Since 2019, Honegger has been responsible as a partner of BSV Bern before, during and after matches and events for the facility services of seating areas, sanitary facilities, checkrooms, fitness and meeting rooms and lounges. From time to time, Honegger also takes care of window and facade cleaning. Just in time for the start of the current 2023/2024 handball season, Honegger and its partner Soobr introduced Smart Cleaning at the Mobiliar Arena. The previous control sheets made of paper are thus history: Plaques with QR codes are now mounted in all rooms, which visitors can use to evaluate the room quality and track the last cleaning tours. In the event of a poor rating, employees on site are informed of any deficiencies via a push message. This enables them to react in real time and ensure that visitors find clean conditions again without delay.

"The new smart cleaning solution from Honegger and Soobr is very convincing and a significant key to a high quality of stay for the visitors of our matches and events. The badges with the QR codes meet the requirements of the future and the ambience of the Mobiliar Arena in equal measure."

Roman Bühler, Manager Mobiliar Arena

Roman Käppeli, Account Executive at Soobr

"We are actively supporting Honegger in the implementation of Smart Cleaning in this and other projects. We very much appreciate the good cooperation and are pleased to jointly drive the digital transformation of the cleaning industry."

Roman Käppeli, Account Executive at Soobr

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