Honegger & Soobr

Opportunity drivers for the building management of the future

A vision becomes reality: Honegger uses Smart Cleaning in a national mandate with around 50 different locations from the very beginning. For customers, the digital solution means greater transparency, greater efficiency and lower costs.

We are the digital facility services provider in Switzerland: that is Honegger's vision, which the company is gradually turning into reality. In the future, the use of individual digital tools will become an end-to-end value chain, which the company is gradually rolling out across its entire portfolio using the Soobr smart cleaning application.

After systematic development of the conceptual basis, selected pilot projects and the introduction in large cantonal buildings, an important milestone was reached at Honegger on June 1, 2023: Soobr was fully deployed at a customer from the start of the project. This is what happened at an internationally active fitness provider with high quality, efficiency and digitalization standards, for which Honegger is responsible for extensive facility services at currently 50 clubs in German- and French-speaking Switzerland.

Marina Peric, Head of Operations Solothurn and Philipp Schäble, Solution Manager FM

Greater agility thanks to more flexibility

Thanks to optimized and data-based planning, Soobr enables smart, efficient building management and is thus an important companion for Honegger's digital future. Smart Cleaning plays an important role in both demand- and frequency-oriented cleaning, as Philipp Schäble, Solution Manager FM, explains. He is part of the Business Development team that is driving the digital transformation at Honegger with the aim of ensuring the company's competitiveness in a sustainable and future-proof manner.

"Due to new working time models, home office and desk sharing, the attendance times of employees and consequently the utilization of workrooms are becoming increasingly individual. This makes demand-oriented cleaning all the more important in the future: Fluctuations in building utilization are recorded in real time and our specialists are informed via smartphone and tablet where and when there is a specific need for cleaning. Our customers can thus rely on our specialists being deployed exactly where they are needed."

Simplified know-how transfer

Smart Cleaning also offers decisive advantages for frequency-oriented cleaning: "The training of new employees is more effective and efficient. This means that even in the event of staff changes, the customer has the guarantee of knowing that optimally instructed staff are on duty to ensure the quality of their stay," continues Philipp Schäble. Thanks to push notifications for both positive and negative events, they are always immediately informed about the current status of the work in progress and can act quickly accordingly.

Transparency as a quality driver

Another advantage of Smart Cleaning is the increased transparency: "New orders can be executed more easily and can be tracked and evaluated by customers. The faster conclusions allow us to continuously improve the quality of our performance." A room- and performance-related daily reporting system significantly supports the understanding between customers and Honegger. This was also a major concern for the fitness provider mentioned at the beginning of this article when the mandate was awarded, and thus one of the reasons why Honegger was awarded the contract in May 2022.

Marina Peric, Head of Operations, Solothurn branch

"I think Soobr is really good: thanks to the app, I always have an overview of the work that has been done. My employees also appreciate the app - not only because of the many language options, but also because it makes documentation easier for them. After all, it's much easier to handle on a cell phone than on paper. The greater transparency also means that there is much less need for discussion for both customers and employees." Marina Peric, Operations Manager, Solothurn Branch Office

Philipp Schäble adds: "Smart Cleaning requires employees to have a higher level of technical understanding. In return, customers can be sure that orders are understood by all employees and subsequently implemented seamlessly and efficiently.

A plus for the budget and the environment

Customers also benefit decisively from the use of Smart Cleaning in economic and sustainability terms, as Philipp Schäble continues. "On the one hand, there is a substantial cost saving, and on the other hand, far-reaching improvements in terms of sustainability are made possible." And so Smart Cleaning brings added value on many levels: for customers, for Honegger employees at the crucial interfaces, and for the environment.