SR RWS & Soobr / Interview with Thomas Recktenwald, Head of Hotels

The Rheintal Werdenberg Sarganserland SR RWS hospital region benefits from demand-oriented cleaning with Soobr. The Smart Cleaning platform is used for the planning, execution and control of cleaning tours. We were able to talk to Thomas Recktenwald, Head of Hospitality, about his experiences with Soobr.

What challenges did you face in facility management?

It is crucial for us to be able to demonstrate cleaning performance. There is no benchmark for performance metrics for hospitals, so we had to rely on our own. When cleaning schedules are created on rigid Excel spreadsheets, it's difficult to verify processes. In addition, the efficiency of the performance is hardly visible. The quality of work was difficult to control. Also, the process of reporting defects was cumbersome and error-prone, as it did not lead directly from the cleaner to the technical service. With Soobr, the defects can now even be photographed and transmitted directly to the responsible technical specialist.

Why did you choose soobr? What was soobr able to convince you with?

Thanks to Soobr, we can demonstrate cost savings because we can now evaluate and analyze data transparently. The tool's ease of use and general user-friendliness have convinced us during setup, route planning and operational use. The system meets the majority of our requirements.

How is the acceptance of the cleaners?

The majority of our cleaners have reacted very positively to the new system. However, a few cleaners were initially reluctant to use it because they didn't want to do anything wrong.

What do you have to bear in mind for a pilot project or rollout with soobr and what are your medium- to long-term goals with soobr?

It is crucial that employees in a pilot project or rollout receive intensive support from their supervisors and the Soobr team over a longer period of time. Their wishes and suggestions should also be taken seriously and processed promptly.
Our goals with soobr are to make savings in our staffing plan and to demonstrate our cleaning performance. We also want to correct and review our processes to improve cleaning efficiency.

Thomas Recktenwald, Head of Hotel Business. SR RWS